Sunday, March 23, 2008


I get how Halloween involves dressing in costumes and getting candy. I'm still a little uncertain about how celebrating Jesus' resurrection also involves dressing in costumes and getting candy. Maybe I'll get the whole thing better next year. For this Easter, just dressing up for church was an adventure in itself.

- Sam

Friday, March 07, 2008

I can't prove it, but...

Sam took his first steps during the Super Bowl. It was a good day: the hated Patriots lost and Sam started walking. Hard to say which development our household enjoyed more. Okay, it's easy to say which our household enjoyed more, but Sam's walking was still a really big deal. At any rate, we've been waiting to post this announcement ever since. Surely, we would be able to videotape our son walking soon enough, we thought. There are two things working against us on this front. First off, Sam gets really excited whenever the video camera comes out, meaning he stops whatever he's doing and starts frantically attempting to touch the shiny electronic device. Secondly, while Sam is capable of walking, it's really not his preference at this point. His preference is for things that are easier, quicker and sweeter. Which explains his penchant for walking...and eating lots of pineapple. So while we have no video evidence, please believe us: Our son can walk. And the Patriots really did lose. Both seem too good to be true, I know.

- Cliff

Monday, March 03, 2008

Young Love

For the last year, Sam has spent his weekdays with a smart young hottie named Christine, the daughter of Sam's babysitter, Emily. Christine is about to become a big sister, and so Emily's last day of Sam-sitting was last week. Here's some shots of the young sweethearts together.

- Amber