Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Our house is a very very very fine house...but I suppose you've probably heard that one before. This is where we live. It may not be very weather proof or resistant to mosquitoes or have indoor plumbing, but it's still our favorite place to relax after a long day at the Vava'u Youth Center. Posted by Hello

This is the biggest town on our island. Our home is just out of view in this photo, but it's about a five minute walk from "downtown." Neiafu probably boasts a population of somewhere around 2000-4000. Posted by Hello

Part of Cliff's placement is working with a local youth group's various community improvement projects. Their first major endeavor was helping to clean up the island by placing 35 trashcans thoughout their town. As you can see, ACE hardware donated the paint...Cliff made the stencils. Posted by Hello

Amber's been moonlighting as a brochure model lately. Hopefully this photo gives you some idea of just how beautiful our island home can be. Posted by Hello

Tonga is a pretty rough life, you know. :) When a new crop of Peace Corps volunteers arrived to Vava'u during the fall of 2004, we all went camping together on a nearby private island. We do work hard, but we relax hard as well. Posted by Hello

Pretty adorable, eh? Posted by Hello

Our shortest neighbor Mosese Si'i (Little Moses) REALLY likes Amber's bike helmet. Lately he's been coming over to our home on his own to explore, try on the helmet again, and keep us smiling. Posted by Hello

Thanksgiving in Vava'u may not look exactly like it did back in the States, but we sent up a tent in our front yard and had a feast of our own. Posted by Hello

Our computer lab's may only consist of five PCs, but it remains one of the few locales on our island where youth can learn both basic and advanced computing skills. Posted by Hello

The participants and instructors in our weeklong information and communication technology seminar had a little fun on our final day of class. Posted by Hello

All of our individuals with developmental disabilities were able to attend the Vava'u Youth Center Christmas Party along with their families. It was a great day, and this is the group photo Posted by Hello